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What is this Futsal?
Submitted by: Rebecca Lewis-Russell

Hopefully you have heard this funny sounding word around town already. Stacey Atwood, our soccer superwoman, has been promoting this new soccer-similar sport for a few months. This week Futsal made its debut in Cardston.

Futsal, pronounced the way it looks, comes from the Portuguese “futebol de salao”, translated as “hall football”. It was developed in Brazil and Uruguay in the 1930’s and 1940’s. In Brazil, Futsal is actually played by MORE people than traditional football (ok, soccer) but has not attracted as many spectators.

Futsal is played indoors between two teams of five players
each, one of those players being the goalkeeper. Futsal is played on a hard surface and accordingly, a less bouncy and smaller ball is used. While in play, unlimited substitutions even during play, are allowed, which I surmise, allows for all the teams players to get a chance to play every game.

What is this Futsal?....(cont)
Submitted by: Rebecca Lewis-Russell

A standard match consists of two periods of 20 minutes. Instead of stopping and starting a game every time there is a foul, the fouls are counted up to six at which point the opposing team gets to take a penalty kick. This keeps the game moving at a fast pace. The playing surface is smaller than that of a soccer field. In non-international matches surfaces can be as small as 25-42 metres by 16-25 metres. The smaller surface, less play stoppage coupled with a less bouncy, smaller ball is what makes this game unique from its “big brother” soccer. Ball handling skills are paramount as well as fitness as the tempo of the game is much faster. Also, in Futsal there is no off side rule allowing players to get much closer to the goal. One could imagine it being similar to basketball in a sense with a lot more action and turnover of play. It must be a bit more interesting to watch than soccer, which sometimes can seem slow moving until there is a rush of flurried movement by the goal!

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