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Gymnastics FAST Meet
Submitted by: Cardston Gymnastic Club

Cardston Gymnastic Club hosted a “Provincial FAST Meet” February 21st, 2015 at the Civic Centre in Cardston. There were six clubs attending, with 90 Athletes participating. Cardston Gymnastic Club was pleased to welcome “Altadore Gymnastics Club” from Calgary, “Calgary Gymnastic Centre” from Calgary, “Airborne T&T Club” from Okotoks, and “Airdrie Edge Gymnastic Club” from Airdrie. The FAST “Foundational Acrobatic & Strength Testing” program is designed to focus on both physical and technical preparation as participants move towards the competitive stream. At these meets, participants are tested on strength, speed and flexibility as well their mastery of specific
T&T (Trampoline & Tumbling) skills and drills on the various apparatus.

Cardston Gymnastic Club will also be hosting a “Provincial Invitational Meet” on Saturday, March 7th, 2015 at the Cardston Elementary School. This is a first for our club and for Southern Alberta. Everyone is welcome to come watch and cheer for our local athletes.

Chinook Rodeo
Submitted by: Kaylynn Nunn

Jordi Odney 14.19
Debbie Hertz 14.46
Tammy Schuurman
14.56 seconds
T.J. Powelson 14.63
Brittny Schuurman
14.64 seconds
Jolayne Collings
14.66 seconds

Jenna Urasaki 14.40
Talia Powelson 14.46
Justise Crombez
14.72 seconds
Maysa Powelson
14.75 seconds

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